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Clan Induction - New members please read this!
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Joined: 25th Jun 2016
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19th Jun 2018

This thread will cover all the basics of our clan, and all the basic information you need to know - Make sure you click "Show Spoiler" to show each section

Once you have read this full topic and posted in the correct area, you will be able to start earning promotions in the clan!

Clan Rules

  • Swearing is allowed
  • Racist/Sexist jokes are allowed as long as people know you are joking, however, Racism or sexism directed towards other members is not allowed
  • Derogatory comments towards other members are not allowed
  • Spamming is not allowed
  • Clan chat is to be in English only
  • Any issues are to either be taken to PM or preferably dealt with by someone in management.
  • Bottom line is, be respectful to other members, we're all adults here, I'm happy with people to have jokes and a bit of banter however we don't want any serious drama.


Cheating is not allowed
Botting is not allowed
Scamming is not allowed


  • Activity - There's no point in joining a clan if you're not going to play the game
  • Social - We are a social clan, if you're not much of a talker or you're the "strong silent type" this isn't the clan for you
  • Capping - Capping is not required in this clan but it does help a lot!
  • Promotions - Are earned, not given to those who ask
  • Induction - Should be completed as soon as you are accepted into the clan - You'll receive a PM on our website with information on what you need to do
  • Discord - Is required however; You do not have to use the voice chat aspects if you are not comfortable.
  • Inactivity - If you're going to be inactive for more than a week we need to know in this topic
  • Facebook group - You are not required to join, however if you'd like to, you can  here

We want everyone in the clan to always feel comfortable. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know!

Ranks and Promotions

What are ranks?
There are 12 total ranks in clans on RuneScape, here is some information on what they are and how to earn them in Ironside!

Recruit - You start here
Corporal - finish your 'induction' read this topic fully and replied to the correct topic. 
Sergeant -  Awarded according to time in clan, how frequently you cap and how active you are (discord, clan chat and forums)
Lieutenant - Awarded according to time in clan, how frequently you cap and how active you are (discord, clan chat and forums)
Captain - Awarded according to time in clan, how frequently you cap and how active you are (discord, clan chat and forums)
General - Awarded according to time in clan, how frequently you cap and how active you are (discord, clan chat and forums)
 New Warden - Given to those who apply for the position and are accepted by popular vote that includes management and all other Wardens
 Warden - Earned after a New Warden's sponsor (Usually a Lead Admin) believes they are proficient in their Wardening abilities
 Lead Warden - Earned by those who we trust to train newer wardens and pick new wardens.

The Citadel and Capping
Summed up basic easy version: 
- Every week at 7:30 am (AEST) on a Saturday morning the citadel resets - This is known as a build tick 
- Every week you can go to the citadel and gather resources for our clan and get good XP for it 
- This is known as 'capping' 
- Capping is not required but recommended as it doesn't take a huge amount of time and provides mad XP! 
- You can get to the citadel by going to the clan camp south of Falador 

- More in depth info -
So every week to make the Citadel better we need to gather a 'cap' of a certain amount of resources. 
In order to do this you simply need to go to the clan citadel - You can find the teleporter in the clan camp just south of Falador. Once you've entered the Citadel go to one of the skill plots and start gathering! 

- What's in it for me? -
You'll get experience, and the more you cap the more experience you'll get. You'll also get bonus experience if you manage to gather all the way to your resource cap (Currently 1400) 

At the moment we have woodcutting and mining - we need your help to upgrade it further (To smithing, firemaking, cooking, crafting, summoning, etc) 

- Clan Fealty -
If a player reaches the threshold to claim the skilling bonus experience, they gain a rank of fealty (in the next tick) up to a maximum of 3. Each rank of fealty gives 15% extra experience when skilling in the citadel, for a maximum of 45% extra experience. 

I'd also advise you to grab a clan cloak and vexillium from the Captain of the Guard and the Scribe, they are both free from the clan camp, the vexillium allows you to teleport to the clan camp whenever you want and you can use the cloak once a week after you have capped to get XP in a skill of your choice!

The Clan's Avatar
- What is an avatar? -
A Clan Avatar is a familiar that can follow a clan member around and give them (and other clan members on the same world/within the vicinity of the avatar) certain buffs.

- What buffs can I get? -
At the moment we have 2 buffs added to the avatar, depending on which one the Avatar Warden summons the Avatar with is which one is active. 

- The two buffs we have are -
+ Skilling Bonus - 3% more xp for skilling on the same world as the avatar and 6% more xp for skilling in range of the avatar. 
+ Heal Over Time buff - Heals clan members in range of the avatar for 2% of their maximum life points every five seconds. 

- How do I get these buffs? -
This is simple, all you need to do is interact with the clan avatar (Speak to the Warden that has the Avatar active and they'll be happy to meet up with you) and 'pay' it 300 Anagogic Orts - This will enable you access to the Avatars buff for a full 7 days.

- Anagogic Orts? - 
I'm sure you would've seen these by now, basically you can pick these up from training any skill in RuneScape, you can pick up 200 a day and they are automatically teleported into storage at the citadel. 

- Avatar Warden? -
We will have a couple of people in charge of bringing the Avatar out of his habitat to follow them around, these are called 'Wardens' - The Warden should try and keep our main Avatar on our home world to avoid confusion and so everyone gets a fair go at the buffs!

- What is Discord? -
Discord is a downloadable app that allows you to either voice chat, or text chat with other members of the clan! 

- Do I have to get Discord -
Yes, since we have updated our rules, we now require you to get Discord, it is a small app, either on your PC or your phone, it doesn't take long to download and it allows us to get in contact with you if you aren't on RuneScape.

You are not required to join the voice chat and we understand some people can be a bit shy, however we do recommend it, as we don't bite

- How do I get Discord? -
This is simple if you follow our direct server link ( ... y) the Discord program will automatically be downloaded and once it is you'll automatically be added to our server, it's that easy! 

- How do I join voice chat? -
You can join the voice chat simply by clicking 'General Voice' you'll then be automatically added to the voice chat!

=== ONCE YOU HAVE READ THIS FULL TOPIC === Once you've taken all this info in, please let us know by posting below

HK ReiEx-Member
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25th Jun 2018

Read. Again.
Joined: 12th Jun 2018
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26th Jun 2018

I've taken all this info in!
Joined: 25th Jun 2018
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30th Jun 2018

Read all the spoiler's


Joined: 25th Jun 2016
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12th Jul 2018

I have done a massive update to this topic, also made it so anyone can see it, not just people I've set as Clan Members on the website

Its Mr AJLeader
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13th Jul 2018

Reas. :-) YTV!!
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10th Aug 2018

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