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Welcome to the clan

Welcome new clanmate!

If you are reading this page, it means you've made your way into Ironside!

I would like to thank you for clicking the link provided to you to get to this page. The following information is very important and ensures your time in Ironside will be long and enjoyable for both yourself, and everyone else in the clan.

I implore you to take the few minutes to at least read the below key points for a basic run down of the clan

  • Discord - If you are reading this, you're probably already a part of a discord but if not, it is important that you are a part of it - all clan members must be a part of our discord server as it makes communication 1000x easier than waiting for you to log on to RuneScape - If you are not a part of our discord, you will not gain the rank of Corporal and will be stuck in the clan as a recruit and eventually removed.
  • Our Website - You are reading this on our website, you do not HAVE to be a part of the website, but this is where events are posted and applications for Warden are made.
  • Wardens - Our Wardens are clan admins, they are responsible for various important jobs in the clan, including the avatar, conflict resolution, recruiting, events and general help within the clan.
  • Rules, Ranks, Citadel stuff and more - A bank of knowledge, including our rules, ranks and how to attain them and clan citadels can be found Here - This is known as our clan induction, and can be found, at any time by hovering over your "Ironsider Menu" button at the top of our website - It is of the utmost importance that you read this information and reply to the topic to let us know you've read it.

Our Rules


  • Swearing is allowed
  • Racist/Sexist jokes are allowed as long as people know you are joking, however, Racism or sexism directed towards other members is not allowed
  • Derogatory comments towards other members are not allowed
  • Spamming is not allowed
  • Clan chat is to be in English only
  • Any issues are to either be taken to PM or preferably dealt with by someone in management.
  • Bottom line is, be respectful to other members, we're all adults here, I'm happy with people to have jokes and a bit of banter however we don't want any serious drama.


  • Cheating is not allowed
  • Botting is not allowed
  • Scamming is not allowed


  • Activity - There's no point in joining a clan if you're not going to play the game
  • Social - We are a social clan, if you're not much of a talker or you're the "strong silent type" this isn't the clan for you
  • Capping - Capping is not required in this clan but it does help a lot!
  • Promotions - Are earned, not given to those who ask
  • Induction - Should be completed as soon as you are accepted into the clan - You'll receive a PM on our website with information on what you need to do
  • Discord - Is required however; You do not have to use the voice chat aspects if you are not comfortable.
  • Inactivity - If you're going to be inactive for more than a week we need to know in  this topic
  • Facebook group - You are not required to join, however if you'd like to, you can   here

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